Why Is Now The Best Time To Invest In Real Estate?

Before COVID-19, Iloilo is a booming economy with tourism, IT-BPO, agriculture, and real estate industries growing both in and out of the Panay Island. The recent pandemic, however, caused a lot of changes in the way people behave towards their health, safety, and their investments. Some of the businesses like hotels, malls, and restaurants need to take a step back as quarantine restrictions lessened the demand for their services.

It would be easier to take the conservative approach and save money during these times of uncertainty. Yet more than ever, this is the best time to invest in real estate if you have a family that you need to take care of.


A good investment is defined by the returns and benefits it has for you and your family. Given that COVID 19 is here for the long haul, now is the most appropriate time to look for a home in a less dense community near neighborhood malls that will keep your family healthy and safe. The new normal will also require a home with more bedrooms where you may have space for work and hold online classes.

If you have enough savings that may be able to give you an option of a better home, try to explore what is most suitable for your family.


Although with a bit of a decline, the real estate industry remain to be stable.

Real estate investment, specifically house and lots, are considered as high value tangible assets and its value may increase over time. While other high ticket items like automobiles depreciate in time, real estate investments may grow in value and may be passed from generation to generation.

Every investment has its own risk, but investing on real estate is a wise move. Your family will enjoy living in a new home while its value still appreciates as time goes by.


History will show us that pandemics and other crises are just hiccups to growth. Once everything will stabilize, Iloilo City will continue to be one of Western Visayas’ highly urbanized cities.

Outside Iloilo City, towns like Pavia will still be continue to grow as ideal, less dense communities to raise a family. It is, in fact, becoming a center of residential communities as well as of malls, hospitals, and other commercial establishments.

The pandemic is actually the perfect time to go online and research your real estate investment options.

In choosing the right investment partner for your dream house, one should consider the developer’s track record and reputation, the quality of products, and financing options they offer. These are three important factors can help you decide if the investment is worth the risk.

In Iloilo, Property Company of Friends, Inc (PRO-FRIENDS) continue to provide Ilonggos a wise investment option to fulfill their dream of having a space of their own. With more than a decade of creating communities and transforming lives in Iloilo, PRO-FRIENDS have already touched thousands of lives with its two projects, Parc Regency Residences and Monticello Villas.

Do not let this pandemic stop you from materializing your dream home. Research, study your options, and make the right investments.